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Leaky Gut – what’s the big deal?

The gut-brain connection has been well established.

The GI tract, the barrier between the slurry inside your intestines and you, is literally one epithelial [skin] cell thick. The enteric nervous system [ENS], performing as a “second brain”, is made up of the more than 100 million nerve cells that line the GI tract. The ENS begins at the esophagus, ends at the rectum, and provides the connection between mood, cognitive ability, and digestion.

When the cells of the GI tract are not properly nourished, they can lose the structure they need to support proper function of the ENS, and therefore, alter this major gut/brain communication. Instead of being a tightly closed system, the gaps between the cells expand, and the wall leaks [Leaky Gut].

As the amount of room between the cells in the GI tract expands, larger molecules can leave the intestine and flow into the bloodstream. Our immune system recognizes these larger molecules as ‘not good’, and sets up to fight the invaders. This immune response creates multiple food allergies and triggers inflammation. These larger molecules are often toxic, and this impacts the performance of the liver.

We use a natural approach to restoring the gut wall. By restoring the distance that separates the epithelial cells to normal, we can look after the leaky gut, and address many other health challenges in the process.