If you are a weight lifter, runner, police officer, competitive shooter, CrossFit athlete, a pregnant woman,

or an athlete of any kind, then you are going to want to know about RockTape!

What is RockTape?

RockTape is a special kind of tape known as kinesiology tape. First used by acupuncturists and chiropractors in Japan, today kinesiology tape is used by practitioners throughout the world to treat injuries and improve sports performance. It is a high-tech elastic tape with unidirectional stretch that supports muscles and joints without reducing range of movement. It’s thin, light, supportive and comfortable to wear for up to 5 days.

While the use of kinesiology is often associated with athletes such as Serena Williams, Kerri Walsh and Lance Armstrong, the reality is that RockTape is effective for the treatment of a wide variety of problems, not just sports injuries.

What is RockTape used for?

• Achilles tendonitis
• Plantar fasciitis
• Jumpers knee (PFS)
• ACL/MCL issues
• Rotator cuff
• Groin and hamstring pulls
• Lower back issues
• Shin splints
• Tennis and golf elbow
• Pain associated with pregnancy
• Postural correction

How does RockTape work?

When RockTape is manufactured, they introduce a bias into the weave of the fabric so it stretches in one direction and not the other. This creates a bio-mechanical lifting mechanism that lifts the skin away from the soft tissue underneath, which allows more blood to move into an injured area to accelerate healing and recovery.

What is RockTape made of?

Rocktape is a natural-hybrid product and consists of 97% cotton, 3% nylon and uses no drugs. The adhesive is a hypo-allergenic acrylic based adhesive and contains no latex.


Rock Sauce + RockTape = Complete Recovery

What’s better than RockTape kinesiology tape? RockTape and Rock Sauce!

Rock Sauce is the first and only warm topical pain cream designed for use with RockTape. When applied directly to the surface of RockTape, Rock Sauce soaks into RockTape and slowly releases itself which provides cooling and warmth for up to 1 hour.

When used as a stand alone topical, Rock Sauce provides both cooling and warmth making it the perfect all-in-one treatment.

Rock Sauce can also be used for:

• Isolated muscle pain and joint soreness
• Graston or A.R.T use
• Skin cleaning for the application of Rocktape
• Pre-workout warm ups

Rock Sauce is powerful.

How powerful? Try 20% Methyl Salicylate, 10% Menthol and .002% Capsaicin.

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