What is ProLon®?

ProLon® is a 5-day dietary program that nourishes your body and a 5-day cycle of ProLonPro once a month for several months is clinically tested to have similar weight loss, percentage of body fat reduction, and similar visceral fat reduction when compared to an everyday heart healthy diet. Similar to a heart healthy diet, weight loss associated with ProLon Pro use over several months supports the ability to lose weight to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and losing weight with Prolon Pro supports the body’s ability to maintain healthy HbA1c levels. As an added benefit, ProLon Pro supports the natural process of intracellular clean-up and cellular renewal, and real users attest to feeling improved energy, focus and clarity.

ProLon® mitigates the burden and risks of water-only fasting, while responding to the unmet need of having a tasty, convenient, and safe dietary program.


ProLon® meals come in five small boxes (one for each day) that include plant-based energy bars, soups, a variety of snacks, drinks, and supplements, all studied and carefully designed to nourish your body.


ProLon ingredients are primarily plant-based and do not contain additives, preservatives* or chemicals.

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*ProLon energy drink contains the natural preservative polylysine


ProLon market research and consumer panels demonstrated:

  • Very good taste
  • Convenient and easy day-by-day packaging
  • Minimal disruption to daily lifestyle

Fasting Programs

Fasting to lose weight and improve health has been used throughout history, and thanks to the emergence of popular, new fasting diets, the practice is more commonplace than ever. From the water-only fast to the 5:2 Diet to the ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet® (FMD®), there’s no shortage of fasting diets available to satisfy growing demands for a leaner, healthier body.

What is Fasting Mimicking?

Most people know the basic concept of fasting, but what is fasting mimicking?

Until recently, the idea of fasting with food was incomprehensible. After all, the definition of fasting is to abstain from food for a specific period of time. And it’s during this period that the body experiences various fasting modes, each offering a range of physical effects. The benefits of these effects can increase with longer fasts.

The challenge, however for many is to get through a prolonged fasting period (between 4-7 days) without food.

Enter the concept of fasting mimicking—an approach that puts the body into a fasting state while allowing it to consume food.

The ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet®

is a 5-day meal program that provides scientifically researched micro and macronutrients in precise quantities and combinations that nourish the body, but are not recognized as food, and therefore mimics a fasting state.

Types of Fasting Programs

The following categories of fasting programs vary in duration and intensity, offering unique health benefits, ranging from weight loss to cellular renewal.

Intermittent fasting (IF) calls for an approach that alternates between intervals of eating and fasting. During an intermittent fast, a person will fast for a period of time during the week and then return to their normal diet for the non-fasting portion of the week. There are a variety of intermittent fasting programs from which to choose.

Time-restricted eating (TRE) is a popular form of intermittent fasting that allows for a specific window of time when food can be eaten each day, usually between 8-12 hours. As long as you eat reasonably sized portions of healthy foods within that window, chances are good you’ll enjoy the health benefits of a fasting diet that’s relatively simple to follow.

Prolonged/Periodic Fasting (PF) is basically fasting for an extended period; usually anywhere from four to seven consecutive days. The main goal of this type of fasting program is to initiate the stress of fasting onto the body over the course of several days which stimulates innate changes at the cellular level to help promote a variety of positive physical effects.

An example of a prolonged fast would be either a water fast for a series of three to seven consecutive days (which should always be done under the care of a physician) or the potentially safer and easier to complete ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) where specific foods can be eaten while still allowing the body to remain in a fasting state and experience all the same benefits.

Who Should NOT Use ProLon®

  • Children under the age of 18
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing
  • Individuals who are allergic to nuts or soy
  • Individuals with a Body Mass Index (BMI) <18
  • Individuals diagnosed with serious medical condition or disease, unless approved in writing by a physician appropriately trained to treat that condition
  • Individuals who have been severely weakened by a disease or medical procedure
  • Individuals who are taking medications which may not be safely consumed with a calorie restricted diet unless authorized in writing by a licensed physician
  • Individuals with Diabetes (type 1 and type 2), cardiovascular disease and cancer, unless approved in writing by a licensed physician. ProLon® should never be combined with glucose lowering drugs, such as metformin or insulin
  • Fasting is prohibited for individuals with particular metabolic diseases, such as those affecting gluconeogenesis.
  • Individuals with a history of significant cardiac disease, particularly uncompensated congestive heart failure NYHA grade 2 or more or LVEF <40% on any prior assessment
  • Individuals with a history of syncope (fainting) with calorie restriction or other medical co-morbidities
  • Individuals who have special dietary needs that are incompatible with the ProLon® meal plan
  • Individuals with liver or kidney disorders that may be affected by the very low glucose and protein content of the diet

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