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Greens First is Available from Home


Few people get enough fruits or vegetables in our every day diet. Dr. Burrow often recommends supplementing with a ‘green drink’ and the one we’ve recommended for years because it provides the most nutrients AND has a taste most people find acceptable is Greens First.

Dr. Burrow has just opened an affiliate store with Green First. You can now purchase the Greens First products that we sell in our office online and have it shipped straight to your home.

Visit Our Greens First Site anytime.

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Shout out to Tye Dye

We would like to give a shout out to Tye Dye Everything for doing a beautiful job of supplying us with 72 individual towels in a wide variety of colors!

If you’ve been to our office, you know that Dr. Joan loves color, and these are just our style! Now, you can dry your hands on a clean cotton towel instead of a paper one. We can throw it into the wash instead of the landfill. Win – Win.

Once we saw the towels in our wash room, we knew that the beaded fish goddess was the perfect accent.12545919_964723330269842_11470499_o

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Thanksgiving is upon us. I’ll see patients as usual on Monday [11/23] and Tuesday [11/24], and be available until noon on Wednesday [11/25]. I will be closed the remainder of the weekend – I get to spend the holiday with my daughter and granddaughter. I’ll be back to treat patients as usual on Monday, November 30th.

James will be available to treat massage patients all day on Wednesday [11/25], Friday [11/27] and Saturday [11/28] by appointment. You may need to contact him directly at (208)392-8118 for Friday or Saturday appointments since the rest of us will not be in the office. – Dr. Joan Burrow

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Pumpkin Oil

Pumpkin seed oil has been used in
combination with saw palmetto in two double blind human studies to
effectively improve prostate health. Researchers have suggested that the
zinc, free fatty acid, and plant sterol content of pumpkin seeds might
account for their benefit in men over 40. Studies have shown that
pumpkin seed extracts can improve the function of the bladder and

You would have to eat a lot of pumpkin seeds every day to get enough of this oil to be effective.  Systemic Formula’s Mpr product provides 1 gm / capsule.  Two capsules per day is the recommended dose. We carry this product in our office if you have any questions or would like to express interest please let us know!

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Kinesio Tape

If you’ve watched almost any athletic event recently, you’ve probably noticed the brightly colored strips of tape many athletes are wearing. The strips are kinesiotape and it can improve movement and circulation and reduce pain.

I’ve been using kinesiotape in my practice for several years, and many of you have happily worn the tape. I get to take an advanced course in fascial movement taping this Friday and Saturday – even better results on the way!

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The American Journal of Preventative Medicine recently published some research that should change the way our primary schools ‘order’ their day.

When students aren’t itching to get out the door so they can play, they are much more likely to eat more of the things they throw away to most – their fruits and vegetables.  A simple switch – sending the kids out to play before they eat lunch – increased their consumption of fruits and vegetables by 54%.

Calmer students returning to the classroom after eating a good lunch, with no additional costs for the schools – the definition of win/win.

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Why hurt?

According to a study published July 20, 2015 in the American Journal of Managed Care, most patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain use acupuncture or chiropractic care to help control their symptoms. A substantial percentage of this utilization, however, is not captured by the electronic medical record because they pay out of their own pocket and don’t tell their ‘real’ doctor that they use alternative care.
. . . A personal thought – if more people told their medical professional that their pain was helped by chiropractic and/or acupuncture, would these services become mainstream instead of alternative?  And, if so, would more insurance companies cover them?
Want to read the study? Click here.