Karlee Gammill

Massage Therapist

Karlee is our Massage Therapist. She is a 2019 graduate from the Twin Rivers Massage Academy, but the education she received was really just icing on the cake. Since she was little, she’s always been that girl that everyone came to when they had a sore neck, a stiff shoulder, or almost anything else that would benefit from massage. She was the student most requested in her class during massage school, and we immediately knew why. We agree with what her family says, “Karlee has a God-given gift to help people heal”. She is intuitive with her massage and we are excited to watch her grow in a career that came naturally to her.

Raised in the Nampa area, she moved to Lewiston with her family for her senior year of high school and graduated LHS in 2018. She enjoys sports, including basketball, swimming and shooting. She doesn’t let life get her down. We are blessed to have her upbeat and smiling presence as a part of our practice.



Russie Thornton

Russie joined our office in 2014, soon after becoming a patient. She works for us part-time and is our Medical Billing Specialist and mans our front desk in the mornings. She has lived in the LC Valley more than 40 years and she and her family enjoy spending as much of their time as possible camping, archery hunting, and fishing in Idaho’s beautiful mountains and rivers.

Something that Russie would like our patients to know is that she has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, [formerly RSD]. CRPS is a disorder that causes lasting pain that shows up after an injury, stroke, or even heart attack. The disorder causes severe pain that is typically worse than the original injury itself. She had an accident in 2006 and the CRPS followed, causing her years of severe chronic pain. She was unable to work until she began treatment with Dr. Joan. We were able to get a handle on her CRPS with a combination of Erchonia Cold Lasers and upper cervical work. Russie is now able to work mornings four days a week for us thanks to the treatments that she receives, and claims her life is ‘just better’.



Hannah Bolm

Hannah practically grew up in Dr. Joan’s office and has been a patient since she was a small child. She is a second-generation staff member – Hannah’s mother, Jennifer, worked for Dr. Joan for a number of years. Hannah has been manning our front desk in the afternoon since February 2018. While working here, she also has a second job and is pursuing a Bachelors’s in Elementary Education with endorsements in Special Education and Middle School Math at Lewis-Clark State College. She is so good at budgeting her time that we made her use her teaching skills to share that skill with us.

She was born and has been raised in the LC Valley. She enjoys spending any spare time with her family doing everything that has to do with the great outdoors. She is responsible for our ‘whiteboard’ art, always something that brings a smile. She strives to make others happy and help as much as she can, making her a perfect fit for our office.



Kristal Chadd

Kristal joined our office in 2020. She is one of our Patient Care Technicians. She has lived in the LC Valley her whole life and loves to be outdoors spending time with friendly, loving people. She has two children, a son and daughter, and numerous fur babies, both canine and feline. She is a super busy woman. Besides working for us, she takes care of her young family and takes classes at Walla Walla Community College, working towards a career in the medical world.

Kristal was introduced to our office when she brought her grandmother in as a patient. She was impressed with the care we provided, and we were impressed with her active curiosity and the questions she asked. She came on staff the next time we had an opening.



Emily Schmidt

Emily first came to work for Dr. Joan in 2010, about twenty minutes after they were introduced and has been working for us on and off ever since. She wears two hats in this practice – she is one of our Patient Care Technicians and the Marketing Manager. She was raised in her mother’s health food store and her grandmother’s shoe store and these wonderful ladies provided an environment where you tried to find and fix the root of the problem, so she feels right at home here.

Emily has lived in Idaho for most of her life and loves it. She stays busy – besides working full time, she takes care of her two small children, pets and home. Emily’s whole family receives care from Dr. Joan, including her dogs. Dr. Joan was able to adjust Emily’s children the day they were born and has been treating them since. Her husband Brian was the original reason she met Dr. Joan. He has a wide array of back problems including spinal stenosis, bulged and herniated disks, degenerative disk disease, and loose tendon and ligaments. Dr. Joan has been able to help him with numerous problems over the years using manual therapy, PEMF, Erchonia Cold Laser, and adjustments.