Payment for your office visit is expected at the time service is rendered.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash, check, and Care Credit. Personal payment plans are also accepted. Our chiropractic assistant responsible for billing will be happy to discuss financial matters with you.

Most insurance and medical coverage is accepted. Our office prepares and submits insurance claims directly to the primary and secondary insurance carriers. The amount your insurance company will pay is determined by the terms of your policy.

However, we are not providers for Blue Cross or Blue Shield.

We DO submit to Blue Cross, but because we are not providers they will pay the patient directly and not us. Patients with Blue Cross will be responsible for their balance at the time of service.

To the patients with Regence Blue Shield of ID, UT, WA and OR, and your coverage is either an individual policy or party of a fully insured group: We will submit only the first visit of the calendar year. Regence has implemented a new policy that will cover only your first chiropractic visit in a calendar year automatically(according to your policy benefits). Regence Blue Shield of ID, WA and OR now REQUIRE that all additional visits be pre-authorized.

Currently, it appears that pre-authorization is given in six visit blocks, and that the authorization expires in 60 days. The process of applying for authorization and tracking when new authorization must be sought is labor intensive and must be done by our staff not the policy holder or patient. If we were to comply with this mandate, additional staff would be required, our overhead would raise, and we would need to raise our rates. Dr. Burrow is unwilling to do so.

Since we will not be seeking pre-authorization, please do not expect Regence to reimburse you for the services we render. Any patients with either of this insurance carriers will be responsible for their balance at the time of service.