Interacting with patients is my passion, so I never ‘go to work’. My practice lets me do what I love each and every day, and earn a living at the same time – truly a blessed life.

I do, however, have other passions in my life.

  • I have two adult children [my son Mark and his wife Shae live in Springfield, MO and my daughter Danny and her children live in Portland, OR.] I am committed to being a consistent presence in all of their lives, and visit as often as I am able.
  • I am one of the costume keepers for the Lewiston Civic Theatre. I spend time every week helping to maintain the collection of costumes that let LCT and many local schools and regional theaters put outstanding costumes on stage. The Costume Loft also rents to individuals who want to show up to gatherings in costume on a budget.
  • Foundationally, I am an oblate associated with the Benedictine Monastery of St Gertrude in Cottonwood. I am grounded by, and practicing to the best of my ability in this helter skelter world, their charisms: Healing Hospitality, Grateful Simplicity and Creative Peacemaking.