Intracell Sticks

Intracell® Technology employs the use of dynamic reactive instruments that perform trigger point therapy and myofascial release between therapy visits. Founded on solid scientific evidence in muscle physiology, the function of Intracell® technology is to extinguish trigger points and allow tight, contracted muscle to relax and recover. Think of it as a toothbrush for your muscles.

The Stick

The Stick rolls knots out of muscle, providing the many documented benefits of myofascial release and trigger point therapy. The Intracell Stick provides myofascial release and trigger point therapy by segmentally elongating muscle bundles. Because of it’s unique design qualities, the Intracell Stick can simultaneously release multiple lesions in minimal time with virtually no physical effort.

The Stick has become a standard training device at each level of every sport. Pre-activity stretching of muscle, without hyper-extending the joint, is a benefit beyond measure in certain sports. Post-activity use of the Stick enhances and accelerates muscle recovery, which leads to elevation of performance. Professionals report that strength, flexibility, and endurance occur naturally with release of the myofascia and inactivation of offending trigger points.

The Stick® is offered in various sizes because muscles come in different sizes. Basically, the models are available in various lengths: large – medium – small sizes. Each of the three length categories features a stiff – standard – flexible model. The more flexible the model the softer and more gentle it feels on your muscles. The stiff models are used on more dense body mass and when deep, firm release is desired or recommended.

The Trigger Wheel

The Wheel is a uniquely effective device. It is physician designed to give immediate temporary relief from pain and soreness of muscle related disorders.

The wheel is successfully used in the musculotendinous therapy of: carpal tunnel syndrome, occipital neuralgia, tension headache, TMJ disorder, epicondylitis, tendinitis, and a host of other myofascial lesions.

The Foot Wheel

As feet get tired, muscles shorten. In order to return to normal, muscles must relax and recover. Chronically shortened muscles develop trigger points. Muscles containing trigger points can’t relax until the trigger points are released. That’s where the Foot Wheel comes in.

The foundation of the foot accommodates 3 major support muscles which is why there are three wheels on the Foot Wheel. Each rolls free from control of the other, all searching to find and destroy trigger points. You can take care of tired, achy feet in just seconds. You can used the Foot Wheel sitting or standing, but standing does work best.

The Posture Curve

The Posture Curve was designed to relieve back and hip stiffness by temporarily restoring the lumbar curve by rotating the pelvis forward.

The Pet Stick

The Pet Stick is physician developed for pet lovers that provides a rolling, petting massage that creates instant bonding. The Pet Stick can be used for therapy, for fun, and to enhance performance.

The Pet Stick has many uses, such as: relaxes and calms hyperactivity, promotes socialization and trust, provides passive exercise, increase muscle tone, stamina and elasticity, enhances joint movement and gait, hastens recovery time form injury, helps ease pain and increase comfort, and so much more.

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