Initial Patient Forms

There are some forms that need to be filled out before you get to see the doctor. You have a couple of choices:

  • Download them from here and print them.  You can fill them out beforehand and show up for your appointment on time.


  • Bring a complete list of your medication/vitamins and come to your initial visit about 20 minutes early so you can fill them out in our office.

New Chiropractic Patient Intake: Anyone who is primarily interested in Chiropractic care gets to fill this one out.

New Total Wellness Patient Intake: Anyone who wants to take advantage of the Wellness services offered need to fill out this longer Intake.

NRCT Authorization Form: Please fill out this form if you want the Doctor to perform the free test to see if Neurologic Relief Center Technique will help you.

Existing Patient Update:If you have been to see Dr. Joan before but it’s been over a year since your last visit you will need this form.

Notice Of Privacy Practice:   HIPAA requires that you be given a printed copy of this form if you so desire.  There is a signature required on the last page.

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