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Why do we need to drink water?

Surely, anything liquid will do!  And really, who likes the taste of water?

Well, liquid isn’t just liquid.  Water doesn’t need to be digested – it’s just absorbed.  Put anything into it, and you provide work for your digestive system, taking the (coffee, tea, lemon, sugar, color, flavoring . . .) out.


  • Makes up 83% of your blood volume
  • Composes 75% of your brain and muscle
  • Is 90% of your lungs
  • Even makes up 22% of your bones!


  • regulates your body temperature
  • protects and cushions vital organs and joints
  • helps convent food to energy
  • helps carry nutrients and oxygen to the cells
  • carries waste away

Water removes waste.  So, if you wouldn’t feel clean on the outside if you took a shower in whatever it is that you are drinking instead of water, don’t count on it cleaning you on the inside, either.

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