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Health Insurance History

There was no such thing as health insurance until the Great Depression (the early 1930’s).  When it was conceived, the premiums for health insurance was literally pennies, and the deductible was HUGE – $100!  You could be in the hospital for a week, and your bill would not get to $100.  That big a bill would wipe your family out.

Well, time passed.  For a long time, that $100 deductible stayed the ‘norm’.  Premiums, however, rose, and rose, and rose.  Pretty soon, all of a family’s health care budget revolved around ‘insurance’ – there were no funds for any kind of health care that wasn’t covered by insurance.

And what that did, in essence, was let the health insurance industry decide what ‘medicine’ should look like – what kind of treatment was ‘covered’ determined what kind of treatment their clients received.

Remember that insurance companies are businesses.  The goal of their business is to make a profit for their stockholders and own real estate.  The business that they are in involves paying claims (unless, of course, they can find a reason to not pay the claim.)

Do you think we realized just what we were giving up?  Making our own decisions about what kind of care we receive?  Letting alternatives flourish?

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