Do you need a vitamin C complex?

Thu Dec 10, 2020

Vitamin C is important, even more so as we progress through this ‘cold and flu’ season for its immune-strengthening benefits. It’s water-soluble, so what we don’t need or can’t use gets flushed by our kidneys within 4 hours. And taking mega doses will often lead to diarrhea, especially in those already prone to that problem.

If you order online or buy from grocery store shelves, do you know what you are getting? If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a horse pill that isn’t really doing much for your health. And you don’t want to skimp on quality when it comes to this potent antioxidant.

Besides being one of the best nutrients to fight free radicals, vitamin C also helps:

• Build your immune system
• Improve mineral absorption
• Build collagen for skin and joint health
• AND maintain healthy blood vessels and cardiovascular health

So, what is a vitamin C complex, and do you need one?

A powerful vitamin C complex includes an array of different types of vitamin C, from easily-absorbed ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate, and sodium ascorbate, to natural forms of vitamin C that come with an array of complementary nutrients.

There is a powerful vitamin C complex that comes balanced with immune-boosting vitamin A, iodine, potassium and zinc.

Systemic Formulas CTI is such a powerhouse of immune-boosting nutrients. It provides the sustained benefits of this potent antioxidant. CZI is the same formula that adds extra zinc if you need more than your current nutrient regime provides [we have a simple in-office test to see if you need the higher zinc formula].

These vitamin C formulas won’t just go through you!

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