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Maybe You Should Rethink that Daily Aspirin.

More than half of middle age and older adults are taking an aspirin a day to prevent heart attack or stroke. Well many shouldn’t be, the food and drug administration only recommend using the drug for people who have already had an event or are at extremely high risk.
So before you pop that daily pill find out if the risks outweigh the benefits.

To read the article from NPR click here

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High Heels are Harmful

As much as a many women love wearing heels and give little thought to the consequences outside of of a little soreness at the end of the night, it’s time to evaluate the real cost of those sky high shoes. Things like damaged leg tendons, hammer toe, and bunions sound unattractive and down right scary but they are all side effects of wearing damaging high heels long term. To read more about the effects of your footwear click here

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Outcomes of Military Patients better with Chiropractic than Standard Medicine alone

An article by discusses the results of a study conducted by Goertz et al. in 2013 and posed the question of if chiropractic care should be included in Standard medical treatment for lower back pain. Back pain is a prevalent problem throughout our society. While this study centers on the effects of Chiropractic and Standard Medical care as it applies to people in the military, every one should consider how these findings apply in their own life. Read more here

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Creepy-Crawly that may help treat Cancer

Our office gets a great newsletter from FootLevelers, the company that makes the custom orthotic foot supports we use for our patients.  This week they shared a very interesting article on Sea Cucumbers. Sea cucumber has been used in the traditional Chinese for centuries for it’s medicinal properties. The West is finally getting on board. Sea cucumbers are anti-viral, anti-bacterial and cytotoxic, which means that it could kill cancer cells. Read more in this article from FOXNEWS.

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Patient Alert

Recently the New York Attorney General has accused four of the Nation’s largest dietary supplement providers of selling fraudulent and possibly dangerous herbal supplements. The FDA targeted the national retailers Target, Walmart, GNC, and Walgreens for selling products that contained little if any of the herbs their labels claimed. In fact most of the products contained only fillers; some of which were allergen hazards such as gluten and powdered legumes and lacked any sort of warning label. Current events have highlighted the need for patients to purchase supplements though health care professionals who have access to safe, reliable sources of health products. You can read more here .


Scientists discover how to “switch off” autoimmune diseases

Scientists at the University of Bristol have made a fantastic breakthrough in the fight against debilitating autoimmune diseases such as MS, Type 1 Diabetes, and others by revealing how to stop cells attacking healthy body tissue. Rather than the body’s immune system attacking its own tissue, researchers have discovered how cells change from being aggressive to protecting against such diseases.

“Scientists were able to selectively target the cells that cause autoimmune disease by dampening down their aggression against the body’s own tissues while converting them into cells capable of protecting against disease.

This type of conversion has been previously applied to allergies, known as ‘allergic desensitisation’, but its application to autoimmune diseases has only been appreciated recently.

The Bristol group has now revealed how the administration of fragments of the proteins that are normally the target for attack leads to correction of the autoimmune response.

Most importantly, their work reveals that effective treatment is achieved by gradually increasing the dose of antigenic fragment injected.”

We hope that this latest insight into how the human body functions will lead to the widespread use of this therapy as treatment for many autoimmune disorders.

You can find the article and more on the subject on the website of the  University of Bristol.