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Greens First is Available from Home


Few people get enough fruits or vegetables in our every day diet. Dr. Burrow often recommends supplementing with a ‘green drink’ and the one we’ve recommended for years because it provides the most nutrients AND has a taste most people find acceptable is Greens First.

Dr. Burrow has just opened an affiliate store with Green First. You can now purchase the Greens First products that we sell in our office online and have it shipped straight to your home.

Visit Our Greens First Site anytime.

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Maybe You Should Rethink that Daily Aspirin.

More than half of middle age and older adults are taking an aspirin a day to prevent heart attack or stroke. Well many shouldn’t be, the food and drug administration only recommend using the drug for people who have already had an event or are at extremely high risk.
So before you pop that daily pill find out if the risks outweigh the benefits.

To read the article from NPR click here

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Spring Flip Flop Sale

The Office is having a special sale on our custom support flip flops! Now through May 15th you can get a Pair of Seabreeze or MidnightBreeze custom made flip flops for $179. Normally these shoes are $249 so now is a great time to make the investment in your feet before summer rolls around!

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Rock Tape

By now some of you may have guessed that the theme this week at the office is kinesio tape. And if any of this weeks articles have perked your interest then maybe you should come in and talk to us. Joan keeps a supply of Rock Tape kinesio tape on hand in the office in 2″x16′ and 4″x16′ rolls that we sell for 20$ and 40$ respectively. So come in and Talk to us about taping methods that will help relieve pain and prevent injuryKinesio tape


Kinesio Tape

Paul Coker’s article on kinesio taping is a great one to check out if you have any questions about kinesio taping and whether or not it’s something you should use. He cleanly and clearly addresses what it is about the material that makes it so effective. Coker also address several misconceptions and lists some of the conditions that kinesio tape helps relieve.kinesio tape foot

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Our Favorite Water Drinking App

We know that sometimes it’s easy to forget to have all the water your body needs in a day or to even know how much you need. That is why we suggest to have the Plant Nanny app. It is iPhone and Android compatible. Several of the girls in the office use it and they LOVE it. All it needs is your weight and activity leplant nannyvel and it will remind you to drink those glasses of water.