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  • What does your body use for fuel when you fast?
    George F Cahill Jr, Department of Medicine, Harvard School, published an article in 2006 in the Annual Review of Nutrition titled ‘Fuel Metabolism in Starvation’.*  Here are the findings: In the Read more
  • Fasting for Diabetes
    In 2017, the Journal of Insulin Resistance published a case study titled ‘Therapeutic fasting as a potential effective treatment for type 2 diabetes.’ [https://insulinresistance.org/index.php/jir/article/view/31] A 69 year old man with a Read more
  • Fasting - a shift in perspective
    I learned a lot about fasting last weekend at a lecture by Dr. Jason Fung, a Canadian Nephrologist who has come over to the dark side - alternative medicine.  Over Read more

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