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Idaho Chiropractors, patients and those interested in Idaho patient access and patient choice in who provides their health care, please take advantage of this opportunity!
Film Executive Producer, Jeff Hays, who brought you the award winning film Doctored, now brings you the true story of the plot to destroy chiropractic in his new film Undoctored. This is a 10-day chance to view the film, for free, before it goes on sale and is released to the general public.
From Jeff Hays…”Undoctored is a new documentary, a gift of love to chiropractors and chiropractic patients everywhere.  Bobby Sheehan and I were outraged hearing the stories of the abuse chiropractors have had to endure.  As we filmed Doctored, we came to believe that chiropractic is THE answer to the healthcare disaster our country is facing.”
“It’s time chiropractic is recognized as THE healing profession. In 1987 when the AMA was found guilty, everything in chiropractic should have changed for the better.  Nothing happened.”
“Chiropractors didn’t have a vehicle to get the word out.  This movie is designed to finally give the profession voice you have never had.
With the internet and social media, you now have an easy way to empower your staff, your patients, your friends and your family to become active participants in their healthcare decisions.  The truth can finally be told to millions with a click of a button!”

Author: Dr. Joan P Burrow

I am a Chiropractor/Naturopath, Mother (and [YEAH!] Grandmother), Daughter, Sister, Benedictine Oblate (Monastery of St. Gertrude, Cottonwood, ID), IACP Secretary, Civic Theatre Volunteer. Some days I'm better at juggling than others. My mission is to change lives, and I am eternally blessed. My vocation (what I do to earn my living) and avocation (what I do that brings me pleasure) are the same. I get to witness miracles every day.

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