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Water In the Winter

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It seems that I have been working with a lot of dehydrated patients lately, and giving a ‘why you need even MORE water in the winter than you do the rest of the year’ lecture. So, I’m sharing it here:

No matter how much or how little moisture is being carried in the air, every molecule of air you pull into your lungs needs to be brought up to 100% humidity. If you are breathing warm air in the summer, it will carry some moisture , and your body doesn’t have to add as much from it’s own stores.

In the winter, the cold air can’t carry much moisture, and so your body has to provide much more just to breathe. Hence the ‘dryness’ we experience – the chapped lips, dry eyes, concentrated urine.

I gave this lecture to a cattle rancher and she exclaimed that ‘of course, I have to water the cattle much heavier in the winter.’

Treat yourself with the same respect. Drink more water!


Author: Dr. Joan P Burrow

I am a Chiropractor/Naturopath, Mother (and [YEAH!] Grandmother), Daughter, Sister, Benedictine Oblate (Monastery of St. Gertrude, Cottonwood, ID), IACP Secretary, Civic Theatre Volunteer. Some days I'm better at juggling than others. My mission is to change lives, and I am eternally blessed. My vocation (what I do to earn my living) and avocation (what I do that brings me pleasure) are the same. I get to witness miracles every day.

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